QRP Portable from Dundee

By , July 6, 2013 6:44 pm
Martin & Kenny using the KX3 to make QRP contacts

Playing QRP with Kenny

I spent the day with my brother Kenny who is licensed as MM0CXB at his new house in Dundee Scotland (IO86KL).  We set up my KX3 and alexloop in the back yard.  The band conditions were really rough, there were only one or two signals above S5 on 20m and very little audible on the higher bands.

Our first contact was with a special event station.  We contacted ED7IQQ at The Dovecote of the Brena in the Brena Natural Park on 20m SSB at 0930Z.  Next up was Kurt, DL1GKT reporting that the weather was 22°C and sunny near Stuttgart, Germany.  Not unlike Dundee!!

At 1116Z We made a 20m CW contact with SOTA station OK/OM3CUG/P who was calling CQ from Maly Javornik, a peak in the highest part of the Javorniky mountains with elevation of 1019m ASL.  We then completed another 20m contact with Fred, HB9DAX in Switzerland.

At 1230Z we had a contact with HB9BIN/P and when I looked on sotawatch later I realized that Jeurg may have been on a SOTA summit.  Possible Spicher, Switzerland at 1520m ASL. Shortly thereafter we had a longer QSO with Jan SQ1PSA on the Baltic coast in Szczecin, Poland.

We tried 40m CW and attempted to contact Barry G0BJX/P in Walton in Essex around 1400Z.  It was extremely difficult and the best we could manage was an RST 518 report.  In lousy band conditions, the low gain of the loop is a struggle on 40m (it is much less efficient on 40m then on higher bands).

The last contact of the afternoon was at 1423Z was 20m CW with SOTA station OE/PC5A/P.  Aurelio was activating Gorfoin peak (the first time this mountain has been activated for SOTA).  Gorfoin is a mountain on the border of Austria and Liechtenstein in the Rätikon range of the Eastern Alps, with a height of 2,308 metres (7,572 ft).

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  1. Mike says:

    Sounds like a great adventure with the KX3 and alexloop! Yes the conditions have been rather rough for sure. I was at Luther Marsh yesterday along with my KX3 and Alexloop. Was not on for long as Julie and I combined our hobbies, her’s being photography. Looks like you made some very nice contacts and great pic of the day out.

  2. va3sie says:

    @Mike and no deer flies over here 😉 I enjoyed reading your blog report also… I bet Julie got some nice photos. I’m amazed by the diversity of bird life overe here in the UK, we saw green finch in Dundee, lovely looking little bird.

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