FYBO on the Wolf Trail

By , February 5, 2012 12:42 pm


Here’s my FYBO video:

Our story:

Scott VA3IED gets the oscar for best movie direction :-) …  well, Tom VA2EPR, Michel VE3EMB, Scott VA3IED and myself started up the trail around 10am (erm… sorry for the late arrival at the trailhead, fellas!).

The Wolf Trail in Gatineau Park, Quebec climbs over a small hill, runs up a picturesque valley and finally tops out on a larger hill affording spectacular views down the Ottawa Valley and the frozen Ottawa River.

We enjoyed an invigorating hike (or words to that effect) along a hard packed snow trail among runners, joggers (seriously!) and folks on snow-shoe and distributed ourselves along the side of the large hill, just off the packed trail.

The weather was bright, sunny and -7°C (19°F) with a light wind making it feel like -12°C (10°F) on the exposed hillside but the sun was strong and the compensated a lot.  I didn’t know what temperature to send so I made contact with Michel who sent me 25°F and I decided to send that until it cooled down before sunset in the late afternoon and the sun dropped behind the hill so I switched to sending 20°F.

I was able to make contact on HF with all the others (I switched my antenna and counterpoise wires for those contacts!) so I knew that everyone was successful to get their antennas up and on the air – quite a challenge since the snow off the trail was running to 4′ depth.

I personally had a blast.  I was able to re-connect with several QRP Polar Bears some of whom (including Mark NK8Q) I have not contacted since the last FYBO – you couldn’t get the GGGGGRRRRRRRin off my face if you tried yesterday evening!

I also failed to reach several Polar Bears such as Chuck AF4O who I heard make an extended CQ call and netted an enormous excited pileup for his efforts, my measly 1W just wasn’t cutting over the pack of 5W monster signals HI HI…   but then there’s always next time.

I was also very pleased to have been able to work Guy VE3VCF, Eric VA3AMX and Michael VA2NB who were also taking part in FYBO in the local area, even if we did have to borrow someone else’s frequency to achieve it (thanks, guys!).  Guy called us up on the repeater afterwards to say Hello.

All in all, a tremendously fun and satisfying day on the mountain with incredibly lucky WX and a great way to end a 4 month QRP hiatus.  I am thoroughly enjoying reading about everyone else’s adventures on the PB list and the QRP-L reflector.

Here are my log & summary:


Date Time Band Callsign RST SPC Name Power Temp
4th Feb 2012 17:20 20m WA4GIR 559 NC Joe 5W 55F
4th Feb 2012 17:48 20m VE3EMB 599 QC Michel 1W 25F
4th Feb 2012 17:53 20m W5QO 569 GA Jim 5W 68F
4th Feb 2012 18:06 20m AE8N 559 OH John 5W 70F
4th Feb 2012 18:15 20m VA3IED 599 QC Scott 3W 25F
4th Feb 2012 18:30 40m VE3VCF 529 ON Guy 5W 70F
4th Feb 2012 18:50 20m VE3XT 449 ON Bill 5W 30F
4th Feb 2012 18:55 20m NK9G 559 WI Rick 5W 35F
4th Feb 2012 19:20 20m N8NSN/M/QRP 559 OH Jim 5W 70F
4th Feb 2012 19:30 40m VA2NB 579 QC Mike 3W 24F
4th Feb 2012 19:53 40m VE2JCW/P 559 QC Jean 5W 20F
4th Feb 2012 20:13 20m N4BP 559 FL Bob 5W 70F
4th Feb 2012 20:30 20m AB9CA 559 AL Dave 5W 73F
4th Feb 2012 20:35 20m N8ZYA 339 WV John 5W 35F
4th Feb 2012 20:40 20m K9EW 579 IL Ed 4W 41F
4th Feb 2012 20:45 20m VA3AMX 529 ON Eric 5W 22F
4th Feb 2012 21:00 40m NK8Q 559 PA Mark 1W 44F
4th Feb 2012 21:15 20m W5RZ 599 AR Bob 2W 57F
4th Feb 2012 21:20 20m K4KJA 599 LA Randy 5W 67F


Field – Yes
Category – Single
Operator(s) – VA3SIE
Alternative Power – Yes
Lowest Temperature – 20
QRPp – Yes (1W)

20m 15 12 0
40m 4 3 0

Score: [(19 QSOs x 15 SPCs)](x 5 Temp Multi)(x 4 Field)(x 2 AltPwr)(x 2 QRPp) + (0 NQ7RP Bonus Points) = 22,800.

Here are photos of Michel VE3EMB’s station:


On  the Trail...

On the Trail...


VE3EMB Buddipole Station

VE3EMB Buddipole Station


Michel VE3EMB Station

Michel VE3EMB Station

6 Responses to “FYBO on the Wolf Trail”

  1. Mike Baker says:

    Outstanding Video. I am curious, what software are you using to compose and edit the video as well as do the music overlay?
    Sorry I didn’t get the chance to work you guys yesterday but the NQ7RP crew and cooking kept me busy. Best 72, 73
    Mike Baker K7DD
    AZ. ScQRPions Contest Mgr.

  2. va3sie says:

    Hi, Mike.

    I enjoyed your NQ7RP write-up on QRP-L. Hope the ankle is feeling better but I’m glad you and the crew showed Murphy who is boss!

    I use Adobe Premier Elements 9 to compose my videos. My camera(s) are just a pair of compact cameras; A Panasonic FZ18 and an Olympus Style Tough 6000 , neither is HD or anything, so the video is fairly low quality. The music, I purchase licenses to use from youlicense.com. They have a wide selection of music available for licensing. Those beans sound yummy :-)


  3. VE3WMB says:

    Martin .. nice to chat with you on 40m CW. I managed to forget both my watch and my digital thermometer so I also guessed at 24F as a temperature. Fortunately I had my cellphone so I could check the time. It was a beautiful day for FYBO !

    72 & Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Michael VA2NB / VE3WMB PB#19

  4. Kelly K4UPG says:

    Sorry I missed you this year! Not hearing many Canadian stations this year for some reason. Was almost too hot here so it is amazing to see the snow you had! Grrrrrrr! We’ll keep lookin’ for ya!
    Kelly K4UPG in Orlando, FL

  5. va3sie says:

    Yes it was a beautiful day, Michael. I didn’t have a thermometer with me either, well my VX-8r has one but it’s useless – mostly wrong 😀 …

  6. va3sie says:

    Sorry I missed you this year, Kelly. It was a lively sunny day up here for FYBO… but yes there was some snow around :-) Can’t wait for next year :-)

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