Taking a walk to Pig Island Sun 9th Jan…

By , January 8, 2011 4:02 pm

I saw a tweet from Bob VA3QV this morning:

Rideau Canal Skating open in Ottawa Thinking of walking to Pig Island and operating. It would be a new activation for CISA

Bob's Tweet

Hmm, that sounds like fun!   But I had a boxing class so I could not go out and play in the snow.

Then I saw that Bob is going to return to the island another time and take along a different antenna configuration.  So a quick exchange of tweets later and I am signed up to join Bob for the next hike.  Yay! 😎

We will operate as VA3RCS (VA3s in a Really Cold Spot) :mrgreen:   using a couple of field-portable QRP HF stations (vertical antennas – it’s a tiny island), and we will monitor VE3MPC repeater on 147.150(+) and 444.4 (+).  Likely we will be participating in the Pot Hole Net from 1300Z to 1400Z and thereafter on 40m & 20m SSB & CW.  Look for our spot frequencies on qrpspots.com.

C.IS.A. stands for the Canadian Islands Award.  This program, administered by the Maple Leaf Radio Society, encourages island activity and island hunting in Canada and helps to stimulate operating activity around the world on the shortwave amateur radio bands.  When an island is activated for the first time, the operator should make a minimum of twenty-five contacts with amateur radio stations in two countries before a new number can officially be used.  That is the objective of tommorow’s activation.

Update: There was some confusion about the CISA rules but that has been resolved now. Our plan to make 25 QSOs in order to activate the island was perfectly legitimate, although there are some things we could have done better, we could for example have provided some notice so that island chasers would have known we were about. I will blog separately about how things went suffice to say it was *huge* fun :-) … and I will be returning to Pig Island in future for another attempt. Details to follow!

Pig Island is the headquarters of the virtual archipelago of The Virtual Noocracy of the  Virtual Archipelago of Pig Island.  It is an island in the Rideau Canal in Ottawa which becomes the Rideau Canal Skateway.  The Rideau Canal Skateway holds the Guinness World Record as the world’s largest Heritage Site and the World’s Largest (no longer Longest) skating rink.

Here is an aprs.fi tracking map, and all going well VA3RCS will show up here on Sunday at 1430Z (9:30am Eastern):

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  1. va3sie says:

    from Scott Holisky
    date Sun, Jan 9, 2011 at 1:24 PM
    subject N0AR report

    1:24 PM (4 hours ago)

    Hi Martin – Just to let you know your signal was at the noise level here in St.Paul, MN (old “Pig’s Eye”) I thought it might be nice to have a 2x pig qso but not to be. This is at 1800z and you just finished working W1PID.

    Up and down into the noise, rst of 229 at best.

    Willl try again in a bit but don’t think things are going to change much.

    Good luck – Scott

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