Cycling in Prince Edward County

By , July 3, 2012 12:39 am

Fariba and I were privileged to be able to rent a pair of high end road bikes (a Litespeed C3 – $3,600 MRSP, and a Litespeed M1 – $2,300 MRSP) from the Bloomfield Bicycle Company.   

The Bloomfield Bicycle Co isn’t your ordinary bike shop.  Rick & Katy have a passion for cycling and it shows!  They offer a full range of services from thier funky store in Bloomfield:  guided tours, club rides, minor mechanical miracles, rentals, beautiful bicycles and accessories and much more.  The range of bikes in the rental fleet is astonishing.  From tandems to recumbants, from mountain bikes to high end road bikes.

How great are they?  Check this article or listen to this podcast.

We had set our sights on cycling out to the County Cider Company.  Many times we stopped at Culinary Conspiracy across the street from our home to pick up home made muffins or scones and coffee to take to work.  We were often greeted and served by Darcy.  Darcy moved out to Prince Edward County this summer to work at the County Cider Company so it was a good chance to drop in and say, ‘Hello!’.

The weather on Canada Day (July 1st) couldn’t have been more perfect for cycling.  A nice hot summer day, peaking around 30°C in the mid afternoon.

Rick at the Bloomfield Bicycle Co recommended a 27km route (one way) which took us south of Bloomfield, a short climb up a hill to Picton Airport.  We had to use the lowest gear in the Shimano Ultegra shifters for that hill.  The route then crosses over some of the highest ground in Prince Edward County, beautiful roads perfect for cycling through picturesque country, not too many cars, loads of birds and trees, coming out at a lookout on a cliff overlooking Waupoos Island.  From there, we join a tarmac road which winds down a cliff to the Waupoos Marina.  The speed we were able to achieve down that hill was astonishing!

The route then tracks along the southern coastal road of North Marysburgh adjacent to farms and forested hills, we passed berry farms and just after the Waupoos Estates Winery we climbed another small hill to arrive at the County Cider Company.  We had ridden at a leisurely pace and completed that portion of the journey in 90 minutes.  We relaxed at the restaurant and enjoyed a couple of tall glasses of dry cider, some roasted garlic hummus and a pizza prepared in a wood fired oven, served to us by Darcy 😎  … it was great to meet with Darcy and steal a few minutes out of her busy day to catch up.  It’s obvious why Darcy chose to move to Prince Edward County.  The view from the Cider Company is just lovely, it’s a different world from downtown Ottawa 😀

County Cider Company

County Cider Company

From there, we rode inland, North over the top of North Maysburgh to the North coastal road, which we then followed West, back towards Picton.  That road was a gentle climb up through pastoral farmlands including a steeper section of road which had been blasted through a hill.  Again, we had to select the lower gears.  The Provincial Park at Lake on the Mountain was teeming with visitors, picnicking and enjoying the view of this astonishing Lake.  This beautiful turquoise lake has no visible water source and lies 62m above the Bay of Quinte only a few hundred meters away!

After the lake, we were rewarded for all that previous uphill cycling by a glorious slope down to the Bay of Quinte.  Again, we were able to reach stupendous speed on those bicycles 😀  Finally, we rode back into Picton where we enjoyed the on-street activities laid out for the Canada Day festivities and finally a short ride back to Bloomfield.

The ride took us 3½ hours and 53km.  It was SUPER FUN !!   Huge thanks to the Bloomfield Bicycle Co

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  1. Bas PE4BAS says:

    Enjoyed you cycling video, really nice. Good weather to ride also. I can’t imagine Canada as a bicycle country so I’m surprised. These people from BBC are really promoting it. Here in the Netherlands almost everyone has one or more bikes. I cycle to my job almost every day if the weather is reasonable. I don’t have such a bike you drove currently but had one in the nineties when I cycled to school 66km a day. Lucky we don’t have hills this part of the country. 73, Bas

  2. va3sie says:

    @Bas thanks! I thoroughly enjoyed this day of cycling. I don’t cycle to work but I do enjoy cycling and my own bike has a 2m antenna attached to it 😀 … Thanks for the comment.

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